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Buying Advice | Resonated or Non Res Exhausts...

Buying Advice | Resonated or Non Res Exhausts...

Do you want your car to be louder? Do you want to feel performance gains? Are you looking for your new exhaust? 

Today we are looking at cat back exhaust systems and the difference between resonated and non resonated. The easiest way to understand is to spot the difference on the two photos below...


Resonated Exhaust System
Non-Resonated Exhaust System

I am guessing you could see it? The resonated exhaust system has an additional silencer which runs through the centre section. The box chamber removes certain frequencies from the exhaust helping to reduce drone.

The non resonated exhaust system has a straight pipe through to the back box allowing for the sound to pass straight through from the engine giving you the loudest, rawest experience.

Resonated exhausts are typically slightly cheaper than a non-resonated system. This is down to the fact that there is less material used.

So what is best for you? It can be a tough decision... The resonated systems are perfect for the owner looking for a subtle increase in sound with an overall improvement in tone, maybe for a car that is used to drive the family around. If you are looking for the purist, loudest soundtrack then a non resonated system is probably right for you. If every time you start your car you want to feel like you are in a race car there isn't really any other option!

If you want to explore our exhaust systems click here!

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Marteen - December 2, 2021

“Resonated exhausts are typically slightly cheaper than a non-resonated system. This is down to the fact that there is less material used.” Don’t you mean the opposite of this?

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