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Simos Tools

Simos Tools is a free to use application which supports flashing and logging of the ECU and TCU found in the EA888.3 platform. Developed by Switchleg with the flashing protocols from Bri3ds VW_Flash (windows desktop application)

Simos Tools is currently only supported on android and can be downloaded from the play store here.

To use Simos Tools you only require a BLE dongle with the ST firmware. Dongles can be purchased directly from us for those looking to tune their own car.  If you are interested in self-tuning your car feel free to contact us with any questions. Original files are provided (where possible) for those purchasing a standalone dongle for self tuning.

We also provide full support for those who would like to run our OTS or custom tuning services. We support everything from just burble activation through to full hybrid turbo set ups.


Flashing: (Supported Control Units)
Simos18.1 (Full flash + Cal Only)
Simos18.2 (Full flash + Cal Only)
Simos18.10 (Full flash + Cal Only)
DQ250-MQB (Full flash + Cal Only)
DQ381 (Calibration area only) 

Data Logging:
Mode22 - This is available on stock and tuned cars as it uses the variables broadcast through CAN. With everything you would want to monitor this offers the most complete logging solution for this platform. To get set up you can read our guides on logging and understanding the variable names.
HSL / 3E - This is a high speed logging solution which requires an ECU patch and allows the user to read the actual RAM variables of the ECU. Each software structure requires a unique CSV. If you are tuning your car with us we will advise on whether you can use the high speed logging function.

ECU Fault code reading and clearing is supported. The ECU also supports a basic description of the error code. For more in depth diagnostics we would recommend using a dedicated diagnostic tool.
TCU Fault code reading and clearing is supported. At present the tool will only display the code. If you scan with the engine running do not be surprised to see a long list of codes. Gearbox diagnostic scanning should only be carried out when the car is turned off, ignition on.  

 If you have more questions about the functions check out our FAQ page.