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Our Suppliers | CSF Cooling

Our Suppliers | CSF Cooling

We have a cool new supplier… CSF cooling product range is now available on our online store. Founded in 1975 by an American family, CSF has gone from strength to strength becoming widely recognised as the cooling experts.

CSF manufacture solutions for a wide range of vehicles specialising in the German brands including, BMW, Porsche & VAG models. We will feature the unique and innovative products available for each brand another time.

CSF offer the most efficient and advanced radiator cores available on the market. Conventional radiator cores utilise an “O” shaped tube, CSF use a specially engineered “B” shaped tube. By using a lighter and thinner aluminium they can achieve greater cooling efficiency. The unique design gives an increased surface area increasing efficiency on average by 15% while offering increased strength over the traditional design.

So if you are looking to push your car to the maximum whether that is on track, or you are chasing the biggest power outputs an uprated intercooler or radiator is a must have! If you have any questions on what is available for your car drop us a message or click here and explore the full range of products.

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