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Driving Roads | Kirby Bedon to Chedgrave

Driving Roads | Kirby Bedon to Chedgrave

We are starting a new series of posts looking at our favourite, memorable driving roads, in and around Norfolk! The aim is to give you a range of roads to explore...

Kick starting off the series is a fairly oddball choice as it is a narrow, uneven road in places, however it is an interesting route consisting of flowing twists and turns. Accessed off of the A146 you turn onto the road to Kirby Bedon, the location of Norwich's human waste site... Take this route at the wrong time and you will be met with a tremendous stench, but we are here for the driving so we shall move onto what the road is like.

As you enter the road you immediately enter an almost 180 degree sweeping bend, the road at this point is wide with a good surface and you can hold on in the bend pushing the performance of your car higher than expected. From here you go straight into a fast flowing section with some small crests and bends, perfect for carrying speed.

You continue on this flowing road going through a number of villages, please always respect the speed limits as the roads are tight and although we may be called Russell Road & Racing we do not condone racing on the road... The next, perhaps most memorable section is coming out of Claxton where you venture onto a road that feels like it is leading you into the marsh. Surrounded by reeds the road ebbs and flows with tight twists and turns. Changing from third to fourth, fourth to third, the car gripped each twist and turn, surging from one corner to the next utilising the low range torque. This section could be attacked much more aggressively potentially bouncing off of second and into third but that would be better suited to a highly strung naturally aspirated sports car than a turbocharged hot hatch. The most enjoyable road ends with a war memorial a fitting tribute to the Norfolk countryside. As it is a bit of a road to nothing you can either turn around and enjoy it in reverse (not literally please) or continue onto the A146 and onto your destination.

Photo taken at: Rockland St Mary

If you have made it this far, thank you, and we hope you have enjoyed the first "driving roads" feature! You can expect many more, if you have any suggestions leave a comment below or send me an email at

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