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Our suppliers | Scorpion Exhausts

Our suppliers | Scorpion Exhausts

We are proud to supply Scorpion Exhausts. They have become known in the industry for being "the enthusiasts brand" this is by supplying high performing well designed and stringently tested parts.



Scorpion Exhausts was founded in 1992 by Shaun Leonard and Ivan Holmes. Scorpion was one of the first companies to offer a complete T304 stainless steel exhaust system, and the first company to offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

Scorpion have been quietly winning Motorsport championships for over 20 years, consistently beating teams which are very publicly supported by rival exhaust manufacturers who construct entire marketing campaigns around their racing involvement.

Those who follow Motorsport may have seen the Scorpion support team in attendance at a huge range of two and four wheel series - without even knowing it. Often in sponsors team attire, Scorpion factory technicians are focused purely on the racing and our involvement has always been strictly for development - not promotional purposes.

The same discretion has been applied supplying OE systems to some of the worlds biggest supercar manufacturers who have chosen Scorpion exhausts to put their name to.

As Scorpion moves into a new era the intention is to adopt a higher profile with the Motorsport program, especially production based series which give us the most relevant development environment to allow true technology transfer from track to road. In particular Scorpion intend to build on successes in the BTCC, Porsche Cup, VW Racing Cup, World Endurance, Time Attack and Superbike; plus off road sport including Rally, MX and Supermoto.


Features & Benefits

Scorpion only use the very best high performance materials. T304/316 stainless steel, Grade 1 titanium and high temperature carbon fibre and high grade mild steel in components such as heavy gauge mounting flanges.

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