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Our suppliers | KW Suspension

Our suppliers | KW Suspension

We are proud to supply KW Suspension. The global brand is a leader in development and moves the industry forward with every new release. In this post we will look at the history of the company. To read more about the innovative features KW have developed click here! (At the time of publishing this post has not yet been created it will follow soon!)


The beginning...

Like us KW started as a parts supplier "KW Tuning" offering performance parts on a retail basis. This started in 1992 and continued until 1995 when the first KW Coilover was born. The part was approved by the Technical Control Board and KW proudly exhibited their coilover system for the first time at the Essen Motor Show in 1995! As the company expanded they found themselves moving into bigger premises in 1996 however the company had grand plans and began construction of their own facility in Fichternberg in 1997.

The development...

With expansion into a freshly constructed facility on the horizon KW was growing rapidly. In 1998 the company officially opened the new premises and began building additional warehouses and office space on the site. In 1999 KW started to sponsor the Super Touring Car Championship giving them a strong brand presence in motorsport. KW also ran two Honda Integras enjoying success with a number of race wins and pole positions. In 2000 KW delved further into the world of motorsport becoming a technical partner and supplier to a number of competitive racing series worldwide. In 2001 KW launched the Variant 3 product line which is still a market leading coilover set up to this day. Click here to shop our range of KW V3 Coilovers!

The expansion...

2003 saw KW starting to expand on a larger scale than ever before. Taking on a range of new Brands LSD doors is born. LSD doors offer Lamborghini style doors for a number of different vehicles. KW also transferred all suspension production to corrosion resistant stainless steel. 2004 marks the expansion into global markets with the formation of KW North America. The North American subsidiary took over other brands including ST Racing now better known now as ST Suspension. KW was never going to rest two years later releasing the KW Street Comfort Coilover range and KW Clubsport Suspension. With such an identifiable colour scheme KW patented the yellow and purple becoming one of the only companies in Europe to do so.

An established brand...

After all of these developments and ever increasing expansion KW has set itself at the forefront of the automotive suspension industry. 2007 saw some of the greatest success in motorsport to date, equipping the winning Porsche RSR from Manthey Racing with the competition range of suspension Manthey went on to be overall winners of the 24 hour race at the Nurburgring. In fact 6 of the top 10 teams used the KW systems. This year also saw them supplying coilovers to Mercedes AMG production cars. This relationship continued to grow in 2008 with AMG adding 3 further models. Another double victory at the Nurburgring saw KW become the most successful suspension supplier on the most demanding racetrack in the world. Not just settled with the wide reach already achieved in 2009 KW expanded into the Chinese market opening up offices. The ongoing refinement saw an increase in the number of product lines throughout 2010/2011 with ongoing success in motorsport KW should now be considered one of the biggest brands in suspension technology. 

Continued success...

Once you are at the top of game you still have to work hard to maintain your position. Never settled 2013 saw KW appoint Sidney Hoffman of Sidney Industries as a brand ambassador. Sidney Hoffman is a leading influencer in automotive upgrades with a massive following. Ensuring there is no doubt in anyones mind the prowess of KW, 2013 saw the KW Customer Racing team take the VLN championship. As is the ongoing theme here success in motorsport continued into the following season. KW also supplied additional single make racing series highlighting the fact that the quality and technical expertise on offer is unrivalled. 

KW continue to go from strength to strength supplying a number of the leading automotive manufacturers including BMW M & Mercedes AMG. The G500 4x4 Squared even utilises KW Suspension.

To shop our full range of KW Suspensions click here!

Please comment with any of your own experiences and opinions and take a chance to see what is available for your car.

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