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Buying Advice | Remapping Explained

Buying Advice | Remapping Explained

Be it a petrol or diesel engine: upgrading your engine control unit (ECU) software makes the difference. In modern cars, ECU's combine all functions – be it the door-locking mechanism or a highly complex engine control. And that is where the ECU’s software comes into play – perfectly geared and specifically developed for various engines.

ECU software upgrading from Russell Road & Racing will increase power and torque for your car. While a large variety of data is measured, analysed and geared towards better performance, this will not over stress the engine. Every car, engine or gear version has individually harmonised power data sets, in line with the car's characteristics.

This Means...

▪ Active engine protection through continuous monitoring of the relevant sensor values like engine temperature, rail pressure, intake manifold temperature, air and fuel ratios.
▪ The software controls the performance in accordance with the engine temperature. When the engine is up to operational temp (coolant/oil temperature dependent) full performance will be available.
▪ The regulated air/fuel ratio protects against too high exhaust gas temperatures while adjustments increase torque on application.
▪ A continual alignment of the load and engine-speed-dependent parameters as you would find it in large-scale production models.

More torque. Faster acceleration. More engine power. Still, a better engine performance does not necessarily mean a larger CO2 footprint. An active CO2 management makes sure that there are no higher CO2 emissions pursuant to the NEDC consumption cycle of the EU.

Irrespective of software upgrading, fuel consumption is primarily dependent on how you drive. With an ECU remap, you can have high performance at low RPM's, due to the torque increase. The hp-related CO2 can thus be lowered by up to 20%. The serial exhaust gas rating is maintained.

Electronics in Automotive Engineering

Since the 80’s electronics have played an increasing role in automotive engineering. Initially simple functions were monitored and the electronics only rarely took on an active function in the control of the vehicles operations. Nowadays almost every function in a car is controlled or electronically monitored by software or electronically. One of the central functions influenced by electronics is the vehicle’s engine management.

Engine Management

The increasing demand for more power output, less fuel consumption, lower emission and better drivability on modern engines has brought along an increased complexity of the hardware and software requirements in engine management. The ECU is the central part in engine management, from different input values from a variety of sensors.  It determines appropriate values suitable for the engine’s current operating status. Engine rotation speed, air mass, intake air / fuel temperature and of course also the accelerator position are constantly monitored and accounted in the calculation. Depending on the engine type (Petrol or Diesel), when tuning an engine the relevant operating factors like fuel injection quantity, turbo pressure, ignition, and injection times are correctly manipulated for the specific engine type.

More Power Output & Torque

Most engines are mechanically constructed by the manufacturer to suit a wide power spectrum consequently with controlled alterations of the ECU software, more power output and torque can be released from the engine without damaging the stability of components or imperilling the suitability of the vehicle for daily use.

Developing a Power Upgrade

When pre selecting an engine type for modification, to start with the separate criteria of the vehicle are examined. Since, in detail, every vehicle presents slight differences, the particular vehicle data is recorded with every development project. Afterwards a detailed new synchronisation of the characteristics and data is completed. The serial safety mechanisms like the maximum allowed turbo pressure, overheating protection, knock control system etc of the engine management system are unchanged.  Subsequently, the vehicle handling is tested on the road and when necessary a further fine tuning of the data is carried out. When all the desired standards in power output, torque emission levels are achieved the software gets our approval and the job is complete.


To enquire either complete the form below or click here to see more information on pricing and the remapping services we can offer.


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