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Driving Roads | B1135 Hethel Road

Driving Roads | B1135 Hethel Road

In todays instalment we are on arguably one of Norfolks most iconic roads and one of my personal favourites the road to Lotus. Connecting the A11 to the B1113 just past Mulbarton the road flows in a way you would expect of the route to the home of Norfolk motorsport Group Lotus. Discreetly tucked back from the road are the expansive facilities of the Lotus factory.

Stage 1 Golf GTI at Lotus, Hethel

I entered the road from the B1113 although you can enjoy this road in either direction! As you enter the road you first go round a fairly sharp but well cambered left turn, leading you into a section of sweeping corners. The banks grow higher on each side of you as the road opens up heading towards the farm.

Possibly my favourite section is as you hit a small crest and are dumped back down into the road at this point you are passing the entrance to Lotus. It’s always worth a little exploration although you don’t get to see anything too exciting... if you go all the way to the end, hidden behind a big fence you will find the test track. There is a walkway at the end where you will find strategic holes in the fence perfect for peering through, offering you a small glimpse of any passing cars!

Stage 1 Edition 30 at Lotus, Hethel

Once past the Lotus facilities the road really opens up, obviously you are limited to the 50mph speed limit but as you follow the road you enter some gradual bends with good visibility turning left and right. At the end of the road you find a roundabout and you can turn around and do it all again!

So with Norfolk’s most famous automotive manufacturer and race team calling this road home you find a smooth, sweeping, undulating road perfect for testing the dynamics of your car. It may be short and sweet but it has to be up there as one of the best roads about.

Check out the clip below showing you the road! 


Performed by a professional driver under closed road conditions, please do not try this at home.

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