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Overrun Activation - Simos Tools

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We are proud to announce the launch of support for off the shelf and custom tuning on the Simos Tools platform.

You can now flash your car from home with an android device over Bluetooth.

Please note  overrun may cause damage to the factory catalyst. We would always recommend the fitting of a high flow cat or decat (for off-road use) 

Please be aware that this cannot be added to an existing tune, this will overwrite the existing ECU memory. 

The earlier models don't make any fun noises from factory. We can solve this for you by activating the OEM strategy found on the later cars which pop and bang from the factory.

Most software versions allow us to select the overrun by driving mode. So for example putting the car into sport, race or dynamic will enable the overrun. The only exclusion to this are some very early GTI software versions where the module is not compiled within the ECU.

We are also able to re-enable the DSG farts on the later DQ381 7 speed gearboxes. It is a slightly different sound to that found on the earlier DQ250 but it still adds massively to the driving experience.

1x Burble Tune

Please note this product requires a flashing dongle/adapter to work with Simos Tools.

ECU's Supported:

S1 (8X) 2.0TSI
A3 (8V) 1.8TSI
A3 (8V) 2.0TSI
S3 (8V) 2.0TSI
TT (8S) 2.0TSI
TTS (8S) 2.0TSI
Leon Cupra 2.0TSI
Octavia RS
Superb 2.0TSI
Golf GTI (MK7) 2.0TSI
Golf R (MK7) 2.0TSI
Jetta GLI 2.0TSI
Tiguan 2.0TSI
Arteon 2.0TSI

Comig Soon