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DQ381 TCU Tuning - Simos Tools

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£195.00 - £295.00
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We are proud to announce the launch of support for off the shelf and custom tuning on the Simos Tools platform.

You can now flash your car from home with an android device over Bluetooth.

Our TCU tunes have been developed for a long time now having been run in my own personal car for over 2 years.


The IS20 and IS38 turbos are both very efficient units able to create strong boost quickly but unfortunately they are unable to sustain it. That is why our IS20/IS38 DQ250 tunes actually reduce the factory shift point slightly in order to change gear with the maximum power efficiency. (Please note for Ethanol tunes we allow similar to stock RPM thresholds in order to get the most of the optimised ignition timing.)

So you have upgraded your turbo and you are now able to sustain more boost throughout the rev range. Now we can make the most of the increased efficiency window by allowing the car to rev up to and in some cases over 7,000RPM. Coupled with an ethanol blend this really gives you the secret recipe to going fast.

Improved Shift Speeds
Optimised Shift RPM
Full Manual Paddle Option 
Kickdown Disabled in Manual
Launch with ESP On
Increased Clamping Force (Based on ECU torque output)
Gear Shift Indicator Enabled

Our optimised DQ381 Tune

ECU's Supported:

All versions are supported for standard tuning.

S1 (8X) 2.0TSI
A3 (8V) 1.8TSI
A3 (8V) 2.0TSI
S3 (8V) 2.0TSI
TT (8S) 2.0TSI
TTS (8S) 2.0TSI
Leon Cupra 2.0TSI
Octavia RS
Superb 2.0TSI
Golf GTI (MK7) 2.0TSI
Golf R (MK7) 2.0TSI
Jetta GLI 2.0TSI
Tiguan 2.0TSI
Arteon 2.0TSI

Comig Soon