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ECU Stage 3 - Simos Tools

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We are proud to announce the launch of support for off the shelf and custom tuning on the Simos Tools platform.

You can now flash your car from home with an android device over Bluetooth.

Manual cars need to have an upgraded clutch, clutch slip on a stock car could start immediately after tuning.

We do not offer ECU tuning on DSG cars without tuning the TCU. If you already have a TCU tune please contact us to discuss your ECU tuning.

The stage 3 turbo options for the MQB platform is massive and can be confusing. For instance an IS38 is an upgrade for GTI and A3 platform cars but a stock turbo on an R/S3. Fortunately we have you covered and can tune whatever turbo you choose. Some of the turbos we have tuned include:

Littco L380
Littco L500
Garrett PMAX Stage 1 (2260)
Garrett PMAX Stage 2 (G25-660)
Vortex STD
Vortex XL
Typhoon Turbo

And probably a few more, but hopefully you get the idea.

Please note that full frame externally gated setups are not included in this cost and you should contact us to discuss your exact setup and how you intend to control boost. We are able to operate an external gate on the OEM ECU.

The MQB platform is lucky to incorporate port injection from factory in ROW cars and all Simos18 ECU's have this capability.

Depending on what fuel you intend on running 91/93OCT - 95/98/102RON - Ethanol blends or straight E85 will dictate the best upgrade path for you.
HPFP Upgrade - this is okay for most small hybrid setups on pump fuel or low % ethanol blends. We recommend VIS in Europe or in IE in USDM as these will both happily make good pressure.

MPI Upgrade 925/980/1300cc Port Injectors - This is the best setup if you want to be able to flow unlimited fuel with large hybrids and full E85. It is also the most fool proof setup and offers the greatest headroom should you wish to make even more power in the future. 

Cars with upgraded MPI can typically retain stock HPFP. Personally on the non-MQB or 1.8T cars I prefer an MPI setup over swapping in the GTI/R HPFP.

Low Pressure Fuel Pump (In tank)

Again there are a lot of options available for the low pressure pump. Depending on your power goals will dictate your options. For anything less than a full effort BIG hybrid turbo I would always recommend the RS3 LPFP option. Utilising an OEM pump and controller that is capable of flowing up to around 600WHP on E85. This in my opinion is the best solution. You can also opt for drop in pump solutions such as Warlboro 450/535s etc. But if you need to add a PM4 to properly regulate current you might as well have purchased the RS3 pump.

Speed Limiter Removal
Static Rev Limiter Removal
Overrun by driving mode (some software versions are excluded)
DQ381 7 speed DSG cracks added
CAT delete (for stage 2 only)

Upgraded Turbo
Upgraded Fuel System
Upgraded MAP / PUT Sensors
Turbo elbow + upgraded hose + panel filter or full intake system

Stage 1 OTS ECU Tune

ECU's Supported:

S1 (8X) 2.0TSI
A3 (8V) 1.8TSI
A3 (8V) 2.0TSI
S3 (8V) 2.0TSI
TT (8S) 2.0TSI
TTS (8S) 2.0TSI
Leon Cupra 2.0TSI
Octavia RS
Superb 2.0TSI
Golf GTI (MK7) 2.0TSI
Golf R (MK7) 2.0TSI
Jetta GLI 2.0TSI
Tiguan 2.0TSI
Arteon 2.0TSI

Comig Soon