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400HP* Package - Golf R / S3 / TTS / Leon Cupra

Original price £1,149.99 - Original price £2,249.99
Original price
£1,149.99 - £2,249.99
Current price £1,499.99
SKU 400P2

Go from 300 to 400* horsepower in an instant with our complete power package.

Everything you need to turn a standard car into a rocket ship! We have bundled up all the parts needed to transform your car. Including the flashing dongle, tune and a choice of hardware options. Plus you can save more than £250 from the RRP.

You should expect to run 0-60mph in the mid 3's. 100-200kmph in sub 10 seconds and a 1/4 mile in sub 12 seconds.

Fitting is to be carried out by an independent garage of your choice, labour rates vary depending on location.


In order to reduce the back pressures and run the turbo at higher shaft speeds reliably you need a better flowing exhaust system. On these cars the cat back only really becomes a restriction when pushing upwards of 500BHP. It is for this reason we recommend fitting a downpipe only. With a choice of catted or cat-less options.

Scorpion Downpipe Decat - SVWC054
RRP = £375.00

Scorpion Downpipe with High Flow Sports Cat - SVAGX005
RRP = £636.54


You will often hear people say that an intercooler isn't really required for stage 2. I believe this to be a total myth, especially in hotter climates. These cars suffer massively from heat soak with a noticeable reduction in timing based on air temps. Cooler temps also help with your duty cycle and cylinder temperatures all very important factors in getting the most power possible from your car.

Airtec Intercooler - ATINTVAG12
RRP = £655.99

Intake System

The intake system on these cars is an interesting topic. The OEM airbox was designed very well (as is often the way on modern cars) so the typical approach of an intake unlocking loads more power is a little outdated. However there are still some key restrictions that we need to address. The turbo elbow and intake pipe between the air box and turbo do not have the largest diameter and best flow, these can be replaced with aftermarket items that will increase flow. The stock air box has a snow grate which if removed allows greater flow, coupled with an upgraded panel filter it gives you a simple and cost effective solution. The final modifications are to the intake duct from the front bumper into the airbox. The GTE models have an additional blanking plate which closes off the back of this duct ensuring all of the air travels into the intake. You can then cut out another slot on the front of the duct to increase airflow even further. But for those of you looking for one of the very best performing intakes we are pleased to be able to offer you the Racingline air box in your choice of finish and filter. We couple this with the turbo elbow and intake hose mentioned above for the complete package.

Air Box Mod includes;
Forge Single Piece High Flow Inlet Hose
Ramair ProRam Panel Filter
GTE Blanking Plate
RRP = £284.99

Racingline Air Box Kits includes;
Aluminium turbo elbow and silicon intake hose (as above)
Racingline R600 Intake
Plastic R600 RRP = £595
Carbon R600 RRP = £775

ECU & TCU Tune

To actually extract all of the performance that your new hardware can provide you will need our ECU tune. For DSG equipped cars we will also provide a tuned file for the TCU.

We would expect a car fitted with the above hardware to achieve anywhere from 390-420HP dependent on a number of factors including, fuel quality, engine condition, dyno harshness/operation.

The tune is provided with the Simos Tools app which you can read more about through the links at the bottom of this product.

Manual Cars RRP = £395 (ECU Only)
DSG Cars RRP = £495 (ECU + TCU)


*Please note the power claims are based on an average. There are too many variables to give an exact figure but this is the midrange estimate. Stage 2 figures can vary from as little as 380HP up to as much as 420HP depending on dyno, intake air temps, fuel quality etc. The performance times achieved are also heavily dependent on the condition of your haldex, tyres, basically your cars ability to apply the power to the road.