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Tuning Packages | Golf GTI Mk5

Tuning Packages | Golf GTI Mk5

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ECU Tune

The 2.0TFSI engine found within the Mk5 Golf GTI responds brilliantly to a simple tune. Our mapper is a big fan of these cars having owned two and has repeatedly achieved fantastic results with software only. By boosting the power you are improving the efficiency of the engine across the rev range giving you more power when you need it.

Stage 1 - £200
Stage 2 - £250

Induction Kits

We offer the full range of Ramair induction kits and air filters. We offer a range of options for the GTI given the models popularity. Whether you are looking to keep the stock air box or have a full induction kit you can unlock the true intake sound of your car. Ramair are particularly popular in VAG circles regularly attending events across the country and supporting a number of popular racing series.

The drop in panel filter is perfect for those of you looking to run a discreet engine bay hiding the true potential of the engine within. Offering increased induction sound and allowing your car to breath freely you will feel an improvement with throttle response.

If you are running a stage 1 or no ECU tune then this is the perfect intake for you. Releasing the full sound of your intake this induction kit will allow up to 25% more air into your car.

The oversized induction kit is perfect for those with plans to run big power. It is also the intake to have if you having a K04 turbo upgrade, Edition 30 or Pirelli Edition.

Exhaust Systems

We are able to supply the full range of Scorpion Exhaust systems, handcrafted in the UK these systems are manufactured from high quality stainless steel with great attention to detail. All of the exhausts Scorpion develop are dyno tested to ensure an improvement in the air flow while massively improving the sound of your car.

For those of you looking to gain the most performance from your car we would recommend a full turbo back exhaust system which includes a downpipe either with or without a sports cat.

Decat Downpipe… (For “TRACK” use only)

Sports Cat Downpipe

Resonated Cat Back System

Non Resonated Cat Back System 

Our Stage 1 Stealth Pack - Perfect for those looking for a performance gain but while keeping the engine bay standard.

Use code GTI5PACKAGE for 15% off at the checkout.

Stage 1 ECU Tune - £200
Drop in performance panel filter - £35.99
£235.99 - 15% = £200.60

Our Stage 1+ Starter Pack - Perfect for somebody looking for a single step power boost taking a stock car and turning it into a weapon. 

Use code GTI5PACKAGE for 15% off at the checkout.

Stage 1 ECU Tune - £200
Ramair K03 Induction Kit - £154.99
Non-Resonated Cat Back System - £513.98
£868.97 -15% = £738.64

Our Stage 2 Packages - Perfect for people looking for the maximum power or cars with K04 turbo upgrades, Edition 30 & Pirelli Editions.

Use code GTI5PACKAGE for 15% off at the checkout.

(With Sports Cat)
Stage 2 ECU Tune - £250
Ramair Oversized Induction Kit - £189.99
Sports Cat Downpipe - £636.54
Non-Resonated Cat Back System - £513.98
£1,590.51 -15% = £1,351.95

Use code GTI5PACKAGE for 15% off at the checkout.

(With DeCat)
Stage 2 ECU Tune - £250
Ramair Oversized Induction Kit - £189.99
DeCat Downpipe - £334.75
Non-Resonated Cat Back System - £513.98
£1,288.72 -15% = £1,095.43

All of the items within our packages can be purchased separately and built on to give you the full packages detailed above. On average you will save a minimum of 10% on our packages offering you the ultimate performance per pound. If you want a bespoke package created specifically for your car get in contact with us at

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Franclim Miguel - May 8, 2020

Im looking for stage 2 with all the upgrades. The price includes the installation?

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