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Adventures | Nürburgring 1.0

Adventures | Nürburgring 1.0

Some of you might be wondering what inspired me to start this business. Surprisingly I don't come from a car mad family or a family of mechanics, but from a young age I have always been car mad. I am also lucky that my mother supported that dream taking me to Goodwood for the first time at 14 years old! But that is for another time today we are looking at my first trip to the infamous Nurburgring...


Last minute plans were made I managed to convince a pal to get some time off and on the 5th August 2016 we set off down to the Channel tunnel. This was my first time going on the Eurotunnel, and it was so smooth. I would strongly recommend getting a flexi ticket as when we arrived we just drove straight onto the train and on our way.

This was my first time driving in Europe and I quickly adjusted to driving on the wrong side of the road. The only time I thought it felt funny was when you go over a roundabout on the wrong side of the car but other than that for anyone worrying about it, please don't!

Arriving at the ring in glorious sunshine felt as if I had arrived at the automotive mecca. The noise of all of the cars, the sound and smell of the engines filling your senses. It is an experience I couldn't recommend highly enough to every petrolhead. 

Whether you are there to purely take in the atmosphere and just spectate or you are there to take your car or a rental car out on track there wont be a minute of time not spent with a smile! 

I took the plunge and prepared to take the car out on track. The first night we arrived the track had been closed due to an accident. If you are visiting never expect to get on the track when you want because of the regular track closures. 

We returned fresh in the morning to get on track nice and early and we succeeded. As an experience for the first time it is overwhelming! The speed that the locals and ring veterans carry through some of the blind sections is unbelievable, watch your mirrors and get out of the way! We did two laps each in the region of 12 minutes which for those in the know isn't very fast but we did need to get home in the car too...

The forest roads surrounding the ring are as amazing and we spent the afternoon enjoying the roads and soaking up the atmosphere.

I really cant recommend it enough! If you are in the area and looking for a car visit Nicholas Lawrence @ Rent 4 Ring and tell him that Kalam sent you and he will look after you!

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