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Buying Advice | How do I know the front and rear axle weights?

Buying Advice | How do I know the front and rear axle weights?

When I first shopped for suspension I was baffled by the amount of options that exist for a single model of car.

The thing I came across most often was the maximum allowed front axle weight. For a first time buyer this is something that you might not have come across before but fear not we have a helpful guide to help you ensure you get the correct part for your car!

On all cars you will find a model sticker this is normally located in the door shut. I have included a couple of images below as examples.

This tells you the front and rear maximum allowed front axle weight.

The vehicle handbook will normally contain this information as well. Please see the image below for an example.

Why does this matter? The manufacturer designs springs to perform within an operating range that will not cause a catastrophic failure. If you were to use springs that were not stiff enough for your car it will cause lasting damage to the dampers and shocks. Replacement springs will always be equal to or greater than that supplied by the OEM. Aftermarket springs are designed to lower the car taking the centre of gravity down to improve handling as well as improving the looks.

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We hope you have found this article helpful. If you need any help to ensure fitment will be correct please contact us.

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