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Buying Advice | Coilovers or Lowering Springs?

Buying Advice | Coilovers or Lowering Springs?

If you are finding yourself reading this I would think like many before you that you are pondering whether you need coilovers or lowering springs. This is a question we see a lot on forums and ultimately the answer can be different depending on what you want to achieve, personal experiences and opinions often influence peoples decisions. The good news is that at Russell Road & Racing we offer both lowering springs and coilovers.



Lowering Springs 

Firstly lowering springs. They are perfect if you are looking to improve the look and stance of your car with a slight enhancement to performance. Our lowering springs start from just £105.00 allowing for a great modification at a low cost. You should always use a spring rate equal to or greater than the OEM component. This will lead to a firmer sporty ride for the average fast road and occasional track driver this upgrade will offer a noticeable improvement over the stock springs. 

KW Suspension offer a Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) that as titled allows you to vary the height of the spring with clever vehicle specific spring seats. Constructed of high quality chrome-silicon steel the springs are designed to work in harmony with your standard shocks and dampers. Retaining the same spring rate characteristics as OEM when in use with adjustable dampers the KW Height Adjustable Springs offer an enhanced dynamic driving experience.

ST Suspension manufactured by KW offer a wide range of lowering springs across multiple manufactures featuring classics such as the BMW E30 3 Series all the way though to the latest generation of Audi A3 and much more. The spring sets can offer multiple fixed lowering options depending on your vehicle with lowering in excess of 40mm in some instances. By reducing the centre of gravity you will find a reduction in body roll with an improved feel of the road. These spring sets are manufactured to the same high quality as KW Suspension.


  • Low cost.
  • Achieve the stance and look that you want.
  • Improved handling.


  • Firmer Ride
  • No adaptability

Shop Lowering Springs Now! 


Coilover Kits 

Now coilovers, the term coilover is actually quite a broad term quite literally meaning coil over a shock absorber. There is a wide variety of coilovers available to suit all sorts of budgets and applications. Starting from just £420.00 coilovers can be more affordable than you think and given the superior build quality and design always offer a solution that is superior to the OEM experience. 

KW Suspension offer a wide range of systems including adaptive dynamic dampers that can integrate with the manufacturers system or convert a car to have adaptible suspension. With the use of a wifi module the system can be controlled by an app on your phone.

Clubsport suspension by KW is made famous for its popularity with cars driven daily on the Nürburgring. Coming in either 2 way or 3 way adjustable set ups you can control the high and low speed compression ranges and rebound settings to suit your driving style. In fact KW offer so many options we will cover the products in more detail in future blogs.

AP Suspension offer an entry level coilover with fixed damper settings. Another product designed and manufactured in Germany to a high standard the system offers an adjustable lowering range improving the look of your car. Ideal for the every day road car and those looking to achieve a lowering greater than that achievable by lowering springs alone.



  • Configurable to your individual driving style.
  • Achieve the stance and look that you want.
  • Improved handling.


  • Depending on the system coilovers can be costly.

 Shop Coilover Kits Now!

We hope you have found the above interesting and informative. We look forward to covering a number of hot topics and taking you on the adventures of a petrol head. Please comment if you have any requests or particular subjects you would like us to look at in the future.

If you have any questions or need any help in deciding on the solution that is best for you get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and work together to build a package to suit your needs. Even if your car does not feature on our listings we have access to a wide variety of marques and models.

Please comment with any of your own experiences and opinions and take a chance to see what is available for your car.


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