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To use this service please upload the BIN file below. Then proceed to check out the product. Once the order has been confirmed and is received at our end your file will be converted and returned to you.

Please note this service is only available for transmission TCU's and covers the below models.

  • DQ200
  • DQ200 MQB
  • DQ250
  • DQ250 MQB
  • DQ380
  • DQ381
  • DQ400
  • DQ500
  • AL651
  • AL750
  • DL382
  • DL501 Gen1 & Gen2
  • VL381
  • 6HP28

FRF are VAG group factory update files that can be flashed with dealer tools such as ODIS or aftermarket tools such as VCP and a number of tuning tools. 

BIN files are needed for editing in programs such as Winols or ECM Titanium. BIN files can be written by all tuning tools.

Please note this service is to convert a BIN file into an SGO / FRF ready for flashing with ODIS or VCP.

Please be aware this is a manual service. The service is available between 10AM & 10PM (UK, GMT). We aim to convert and return all files within 10 minutes of a valid order.