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AP Lowering Springs - Mini (One, Cooper) (R50)


AP Lowering Springs

Mini (One, Cooper) (R50)

Year: 06/01-02/02

Power (KW) 55-86

Maximum allowed front axle weight: (KG) -890

Maximum allowed rear axle weight: (KG) -800

Lowering: (mm) (Front/Back) 30/20

Part Number: FS20-080



AP Lowering Springs

Your dream rims are mounted? But something is still missing? Then get the ap lowering springs. With our springs you give your car a sporty-subtle lowering, a more direct handling and even more driving fun.

During strong steering movements as they arise while dodging and fast cornering, you have more control of your car. Up to a lowering of 40mm, the ap springs harmonize with the standard shock absorbers and you do not have to replace the dampers!

  • Lowering from 40 to 60 mm, also wedge shape possible
  • More direct handling and more driving pleasure
  • Sportlich-dezente Optik
  • Sporty discreet appearance
  • High-strength alloy of chrome silicon steel
  • Extra powder coating for a long life