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ECU Tuning

Remapping or ECU tuning as it is often called is a popular service that we offer to help unlock the hidden potential of your engine. When a manufacturer is developing a car they have a lot of variables to take into account such as fuel quality, atmospheric pressures and much more. This means that rather than finding the best performance possible the manufacturer will find a compromise that ensures no matter the external factor the car runs at a steady state of performance. What we can offer you is optimised software that improves on this performance. By making just small changes to the standard software you will see big improvements in power and performance along with increased MPG in some instances. Specialising in the VAG, BMW & Mercedes range of ECU's and software we also provide tuning for most European car models.

Stage 1

Our stage 1 packages are designed for cars fitted with standard hardware. Designed to operate safely within the factory limiters and tolerance by refining the torque requests and fuelling you are able to unlock performance gains of up to 20/30% depending on the vehicle model and condition. All of our maps are built by us where possible, this give us a greater control than using a generic file service where the changes made are not explained.

Stage 2

Stage 2 packages are for cars which have had hardware upgrades to improve the performance of the vehicle. Typical hardware upgrades required for stage 2 are decats or sports cats, upgraded intercooler and oversized intakes. Because these upgrades alter the standard calibrations, further time must be spent reviewing the changes, vital statistics such as the exhaust gas temperatures and intake manifold pressure must be monitored to ensure that the vehicle is running at an optimal condition. You can check out our blogs for some featured packages we have selected and take advantage of some exclusive deals.

The Process

Mobile Tuning

We will visit you. Read the ECU and forward the file onto our tuner. Once he has been able to work his magic the revised map will be returned to us at which point we can upload it onto your ECU. We keep a copy of the original map for all vehicles should you ever want the car to be returned to standard. This service can be completed in a single day or return can be arranged at a time that suits you.

Drop & Collect

You can either deliver you car to us or we can collect it from you. We will work the magic on your ECU and at the end of the day the car will be ready to be collected in its uprated form. We will keep you updated with images and updates on the progress. For this service all cars are stored indoors while the work is taking place. Should you want us to keep the car overnight it will be stored safely in a locked garage with the keys kept off site.

Postal ECU

If you have a project car which is in the process of being built or a track car you are keeping in storage we are able to work on your ECU on a bench. If you remove the ECU and post it to us we are able to work on the files without the car. The changes will be uploaded with the ECU and posted back to you.

Please note for all cars the specific file is required for your car. In most models we are able to read and write maps through the OBD port. In some instances where a car has Tri-core protection we will have to remove the ECU in order to make the changes to the software. With some older models the ECU can only be worked on in boot mode (on a bench). When this is the case in some instances we can read the existing file, source and modify it without removing the ECU. For more information on what we can offer for your car please complete the contact form above or get in touch to discuss your requirements.