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Our Suppliers | Ramair

Our Suppliers | Ramair

We have chosen Ramair to be our latest supplier because of the companies approach to engineering. Established in 1981 Ramair are best known for their range of Performance Air Filters and induction kits. What you might not know is that Ramair are a high level engineering company who can create bespoke items on request and with a team that has a real passion for cars and motorsport they are a great company to work alongside.



With an illustrious history steeped in motorsport Ramair have been involved in the development of top tier racing cars including F1 and WRC. Not to mention Le Mans, Touring Cars and DTM as well as many more tier 1 motorsport series. Ramair take on a full end to end program from conception to completion their design, development, manufacturing and testing allow them to bring a product to market faster than their competitors.



Ramairs design and production skills include the below and much more…


  • 3D Computer Aided Design, Modelling and Simulation
  • Component air flow testing and analysis
  • Full range of TIG welding experience including more exotic materials such as Titanium and Inconel
  • Precision cutting, folding and assembly of sheet metalwork
  • Complex tube and pipework cutting and bending
  • Production of spun metal parts
  • Polymer Injection moulding capabilities
  • Silicone hose & EPDM part production



We will finish this article with an inspiring and insightful quote from Ramairs company director giving his vision for the future of the company.

“The future of Ramair is in the hands of our clients and our people. Only true success and quality can be achieved with the support and understanding of our client base, coupled with the knowledge, skill and passion from our people.”
Dan Mullan, Ramair Director

To explore the range of Ramair products we can offer click here!

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