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Buying Advice | Brake Upgrades

Buying Advice | Brake Upgrades

So you have upgraded the power of your car but what about your brakes... with all that extra go, it would probably be a good idea to add some extra stop!

One of the most overlooked modifications is brakes, but where do you start? There are basically three components that you can upgrade, the brake pads, brake disks and brake lines.

Brake Pads

A good place to start is with upgraded pads. Aftermarket pads use a different compound to that found on OEM pads, the former compounds operate in a higher temperature window this helps to reduce fade over prolonged spirited use. You will find from cold that the brakes are less effective but once up to temperature the feel through the pedal, the firmness of the bite and the increased stamina lead to a more pleasant, responsive and reactive brake set up.

Brake Disks

But pads are just the start, once you have reached the full potential of the standard disks you can upgrade to better performing brake disks. Aftermarket discs come in a variety of forms, whether grooved or drilled the aim is to reduce the surface temperature of the disk. A good disk and pad combination will offer you a significant improvement in stopping power.

Brake Lines

To finish off your brake upgrades you might also want to add some braided brake lines. Brake fluid is carried around your car in metal pipes but, when it reaches the calliper the final section is a flexible rubber hose. By replacing this section with a stainless steel hose you improve the response and feel through your brake pedal.

StopTech Braided Hoses

The final option for those serious about brake is a BBK, no not the grime group a Big Brake Kit. This replaces the entire disk and calliper set up with a larger set up. With larger callipers, stronger pistons and an increased disc surface area a big brake kit is a way to introduce a completely new dynamic to your brakes. BMW’s are perhaps the most notorious under-braked cars. So why not upgrade the response feel and stopping power, plus they look super cool as the disk fills the arch!

Also one of the key things to remember to make the most of your new set up is to swap the standard brake fluid for a higher grade of fluid. The better the fluid the higher the boiling point again allowing your brakes to operate more efficiently for longer.

With a wide range of brake options available from some top manufacturers including:

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