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Road & Racing Portable Tuner

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£199.99 - £199.99
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The portable tuner is our solution to offer remote tuning anywhere in the world!

You read the contents of your ECU with the handheld device, send the file to us and you receive a recalibrated tuning file including any additional services requested.

With the ability to store multiple maps you can have a tune file with pops and bangs* or a hard cut limiter** as well as a tuned file without those features, all on the device. Easily switch between the maps at any time that suits you.

It also gives you the option to return to stock and flash your car again at anytime.

 Please note this product is the flashing tool only it does not include any software, please chose one of our software packages. If you cannot find software for your car it may still be possible so please contact us to discuss your options.

Stage 1 OTS Maps

Our tuning files have been developed to further enhance the work of the OEM engineers. Without the strict regulations we are able to improve the performance of your car without having to remove the manufacturers component protection safety features. With up to 30% more power available in certain models contact us to find out what your car could gain.

Remote Custom Tuning

If you are looking for something a little bit more specialist, perhaps you are doing a turbo upgrade or changing injector flow rates your tuning file will require further changes. For these projects we recommend you contact us to discuss data logging options for your platform. Please note custom tuning does incur an additional charge depending on the scale of works. 

Vehicle Coverage

The portable tuner is manufactured by Alientech one of the largest ECU tool producers in the world. There systems are known for being incredibly reliable and they cover a massive range of cars. Most European modes from between 2005-2020 are covered by this device. 

 Audi A1 / A3 / A4 / A5 / A6 / A7 / A8 / Q2 / Q3 / Q5 / Q7 / TT - most models and variants covered.
BMW 1 Series / 2  Series / 3 Series / 4 Series / 5 Series / 6 Series / 7 Series / X1 / X3/ X5 / X7 / Z4 - most models and variants covered.
Ford Fiesta / Focus / Mondeo / Transit Connect / Transit  - most models and variants covered.
Fiat/Abarth 500 / 124 Spider  - most models and variants covered.
Land Rover Discovery / Range Rover Evoque / Range Rover Velar / Range Rover Sport / Range Rover Vogue  - most models and variants covered.
Mercedes A-Class / B -Class / C-Class / E-Class / S-Class / SLK / SL / GLA / CLA / CLK / ML / GL - most models and variants covered.
Renault Clio / Megane / Kangoo / Trafic / Master    - only Bosch equipped cars covered.
Seat Ibiza / Leon / Arona / Ateca  - most models and variants covered.
Skoda Fabia / Octavia / Superb / Roomster / Kona  - most models and variants covered.
Volkswagen Polo / Golf / Passat / Tiguan / Touareg    - most models and variants covered.

If you are unsure whether you vehicle is covered drop us a message with the registration or vehicle details and we will confirm the potential gains and whether the device is suitable.


How does it work?

 It is a handheld device which plugs into the OBD port of your car and reads the content of your engine control unit. You then upload that file on your computer, we modify it and return the tuned file back to you. You then load this map onto your car.

  • Upon dispatch we email you a software download link to be installed on your PC/Laptop. When you receive your device connect it to your computer using the USB connector provided. The portable tuner will update with all of the latest protocols for you to use. Once complete disconnect the device and head out to your car!
  • Connect the device to the USB port of your car, this powers up the device. Navigate the touch screen menu to find your vehicle. Select ID and once completed proceed to read. Some cars take a full read of the ECU during this process we strongly recommend that a battery stabiliser is attached to the vehicle. Other cars will take a virtual read where the original file is stored in a server, you tend to find this more on newer cars. Ensure you follow the instructions on screen cycling the key when requested. Please note it is highly likely that during this process your car will beep and bong and hazard and warning lights will flash, this is normal when communicating with the electrical systems do not panic and remove the cable or try stopping the operation as this could have harmful consequences to the control units memories. 
  • Once complete return to the computer and download the file from the device. You can then email the file to us or return it via the link in the email. All of the details required will be included in the links sent to you during dispatch.
  • We will then work our magic on the tuning file read from your car and return it to you. Please note that times can vary depending on the time we receive the file. Typically we work to 2-3 hours.
  • You then upload the new file onto the portable tuner. The portable tuner retains the stock file for you, it can also hold up to 5 tuned files. Once the file is uploaded to your device you are ready to flash you car.
  • Again repeat the steps navigating the menu to your car and then selecting write, choose the file you wish to write. Please be aware that interrupting the writing process can cause damage to the ECU. We will do all we can to assist in the recovery of the control unit. It is very important that you have a healthy battery voltage and that the battery is stabilised.

This product is locked to a certain VIN and cannot be transferred between cars.


Whats included in the box?

  • The portable tuning touchscreen device.
  • OBDII lead
  • USB lead


Please Note:

Flashing an ECU does carry a risk of damage and in purchasing this device you are taking liability for the flashing of your control unit. We are happy to provide our assistance in recovering any damaged data and in the worst case cloning to a new unit. We are pleased to say that this is a very unusual scenario but it must be understood.

We always recommend that a battery stabiliser is connected to the vehicle during the read and write process. Some cars can draw up to 70+amps of power for a prolonged period of time during the reading/writing process. Again many cars may be okay given the battery is in a healthy condition.

Please ensure you follow all of the prompts given by the device and do not interrupt its progress. You are likely to see warning and error lights on the dashboard during a programming session it is normal and does not mean that something is going wrong. You must allow the tool to complete its task as to avoid damaging the control unit.

* Optional features are limited depending on the model of your car and ECU it is always best to ask us if a feature is available for your car before placing your order to avoid any disappointment.