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KW HLS 2 complete kit with KW Coilover Kit V3 - 911 (996) Turbo

by KW

KW HYDRAULIC LIFT SYSTEM HLS 2 Conversion kit with KW dampers Hydraulic Lift System for the front axle


Year: 06/00-

Maximum allowed front axle weight: (KG) -825

Maximum allowed rear axle weight: (KG) -1180

Power: kW

Approved front lowering: (mm) 15-30

Approved rear lowering: (mm) 10-30

The battery has to be modified for vehicles with factory battery longer than 278 mm. We recommend Varta Silver Dynamic 77Ah or Bosch S5 77Ah (not included in the kit).

Height adjustable on the front and rear axles (threaded strut housings)

If the Porsche Motorsport rear axle top mount # 99633301190 is installed, the KW top mount adapter set # 68510036 has to be used.

Dampers are adjusted by easily operating adjustment wheels. Rebound is only adjustable if the top of the piston rod is accessible. This will depend on the vehicle construction.

Part Number: 35271203




KW Hydraulic Lift System – makes your super-sportscar suitable for daily use. Because of their low centre of gravity, many super cars have less ground clearance. In order to be able to drive over speed bumps or steep ramps in parking garages without any problems, we have developed the KW Hydraulic Lift System. At the touch of a button the HLS system lifts vehicles by up to 45 millimeters allowing obstacles to be negotiated without a problem. Compatible with our KW coilover suspension or with the original suspension depending on vehicle type and application.

KW HLS Lift kit – continuous lowering and more ground clearance at the push of a button

With the HLS Lift Kit, obstacles such as parking garages, garage entrances, speed bumps or rough roads are no problem even for lowered vehicles or vehicles with little ground clearance. The vehicle equipped with the lift kit can be lifted by up to 45 mm in order to drive over obstacles that would not be possible with the normal vehicle height. Depending on the vehicle type and model, the lift kit is available as a vehicle-specific solution or as an individual conversion kit.

The lift kit is available in two different versions: HLS 2, which is installed on the front axle and HLS 4, which can also be installed on the rear axle if required, allowing the entire vehicle to be lifted. The hydraulic cylinder unit is mounted on the coilover suspension between the spring plate and the spring. The advantage of a hydraulic system is that during driving no compression (movement) of the extended cylinder unit (no unwanted additional suspension) occurs.

The KW HLS lift kit is available as a complete suspension solution in combination with a KW coilover suspension or as a retrofit kit for standard suspension systems as well as KW coilovers, consisting of springs, adaptations, hydraulic cylinders and complete control unit.

The KW HLS lift kit individual universal conversion kit is installed in combination with a coilover kit. The hydraulic unit which lifts or lowers the vehicle is mounted between the spring plate and the spring. The required installation space for the cylinder unit is 65 mm.

  • For vehicles with little ground clearance to easily get over obstacles
  • Can be activated while driving (up to 80 km/h)
  • Fast lifting (4-5 seconds HLS2; 6-8 seconds HLS4)
  • With technical component report for registration according to §19 (2) / §21 (German StVO regulations)


Continuous lowering

The KW HLS system allows in combination with a KW coilover kit a maximum or in combination with KW height adjustable springs and decent lowering within the tested adjustment range. Due to the dirt-resistant trapezoidal thread and the polyamide threaded ring, the continuous lowering can be varied quickly and easily, even after years.g, the continuous lowering can be varied quickly and easily, even after years.

The benchmark for coilovers

As with all KW coilovers, the engineers at KW develop in extensive test cycles on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and in our test center on the KW 7-post rig the vehicle-specific KW damper setup estimated by car enthusiasts worldwide. So you will experience your car even more directly and dynamically with a KW coilover kit.

After all, you do not buy just any suspension product, but a KW HLS kit that has been especially developed and adapted for your vehicle type. KW as manufacturer exclusively uses own resources, high-quality components and the same damper technology as high-volume manufacturers.

Our experiences for your driving pleasure

For more than 20 years, we as manufacturer have been the market leader and innovator of individual suspension solutions for the street and racing applications. No matter where in the world, sporty drivers, automobile manufacturers and refiners rely on our KW coilovers “Made in Germany”.

Every KW coilover kit undergoes extensive stress tests during production and is developed and manufactured directly in our company headquarters in Fichtenberg in order to meet the high standards of our KW quality management. So for us as a German manufacturer, it is important that we guarantee a several-year warranty on our KW coilover kits, which exceed the original equipment manufacturer quality, as well as suspension solutions which include more than 4,600 applications.